Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bathroom tiles laid

AFter a long time , finally got a chance to sneak in


  1. Your place is looking great. I like the black benchtops with the white cupboards!

    I noticed that you are getting flyscreens, how much do they charge for them?


  2. Hi Kylie
    I am still waiting for the splash back to get up to see exact contrast how it turns up with dark colour floor tiles.
    I am sure your house looks great as well. as you have taken so many options.
    Regarding Flyscreen ,I have taken the Fly screens only for the 3 bedrooms : each 30$
    but for the sliding doors as i got 2 of them , they were charging 695$ each , thats very expensive
    One of my Neighbours build it with Wisdom. After he got the Keys for the house , he made the flyscreens with the same supplier which wisdom homes trades with and got it for much cheaperfor 1600$
    For example : wisdom charged me 30$ , if i go with the supplier he would charge me 22$

  3. Thankyou so much. Would you know the name of the flyscreen supplier that wisdom uses?

  4. i will find out and let you know

  5. hi kylie
    the details of the fly screen and security doors
    PRW Window Services.
    33 Lincoln Street, Minto
    Ph: 9824 6218
    Website : prwwindow...............