Sunday, June 21, 2009

Internal work started , Insulation on its way

Builder started the internal work , Wall and roof insulation is on its way , Over all i am very happy that i went with wisdom homes. No complains against them , everything is going so smooth with no hassels . Dont need to call every second day to confirm things. Building supervisor and customer service team are very professional .
It is weird to see all the buildings which started in one minto is being builded with Wisdom homes , not sure how come no other builder has started building except one building with other builder .
Spoke to the supervisor to put some extra support for Walls in the home theatre and the leisure room for the mounting the Television on the walls . One phone call and it is all done , Very impressed with the builder . and Definately recommend anyone to build with Wisdom homes.

Finally brick & Roof tiles finished

Brick and Roof tiles been washed , happy to see the home . also the Solar panels installed on the roof . Happy with the colour selection and the facade , The guttering stands out showing the pointy facade.

Brick and roof tiles finished but not washed

Brick work and Roof tiles finished , but not yet washed , looks nice and happy overall how the house came up