Sunday, June 28, 2009

internals finished

Someone working on saturaday and the internals are almost on its way , we can see the room sizes , happy with the bedrooms and the living rooms , but i think the kitchen and dining rooms are bit smaller


  1. Hi S & S, i took your advice and went out to the caesarstone show room at Alexandria. I'm glad i did because the stone looks very different to the samples. My partner likes Zulu but when i saw it to my surprise it had lots of white in it, the sample pic didn't show this, so now i'm going to take him there to show him. Do you know at what stage can you change the caesarstone type? I emailed A but she hasn't replied to me. Thanks guys.

  2. Hi Kylie
    I am glad you went , obviously you can see the difference . First we choose Cracked peper but later one month we changed to Night Sky which looks nice in the Caesarstone showroom with some shinny things in the stone . AFter the Frame stage of the house is finished , the builder sends a sign off on the kitchen layout after the Temple Kitches come and do the measurement , but i would say dont leave things at the last minute . my kitchen has been laid but the Kitchen ppl forgot to put a Bevelled edge on the stone so Be careful about minor things which you hardly see or observe , just sent a email to the builder or to Anita to let her know that you are bit confused about the stone colour selection.. i heard that Amy is not working there if you are trying to send a email to her.

  3. Hi thanks heaps for that it's good to know the process, i think we are going to still with the zulu. Our 2nd choice is the night sky. They gave us a large sample to take home. I'm currently using it for a coaster! Its good because it doesn't show up coffee marks.